Day One ( Monday 29.11.2010)
Professor Zhang Longxi, City University of Hong Kong
“Globalized Knowledge: World Literature and World Civilization”
Professor David Damrosch, Harvard University
“City Walls and Culture-Founding Fish: Ideas of Civilization in the Ancient Near East”
Professor Bo Utas, Uppsala University
“Quadrature of the Circle: On the (im)possibility of Summarizing a Millennium of Literary Culture in One Book”
Professor Anders Pettersson, Umea University
“Types of Society and Types of Literary Culture”
Professor Gunilla Lindberg-Wada, Stockholm University
“The Importance of Being the Reader”
Professor Harish Trivedi, University of Delhi
“India and the World: Civilizational Contestations”

Day Two (Tuesday 30.11.2010)
Professor As’ad E Khairallah, American University of Beirut
“Globalization and Arabic Diaspora Literature”
Professor Eileen Julien, Indiana University
“Why ‘Literature: A World History’?”
Dr Lin Shaoyang, City University of Hong Kong
“From the Literature of the Sphere of Chinese Characters to National Literatures: Nationalized Writing on Japanese Literary History in Meiji Era and its Influence to China”
Dr Wang Xiaolin, City University of Hong Kong
“Love, Politics and Japanese Literature”
Dr Birgit Linder, City University of Hong Kong
“Applied World Literature: Goethe’s East-West Divan, the Tradition of Nachdichtung, and Inter-cultural Studies”
Dr Lucas Klein, City University of Hong Kong
“An Awakening Dream: Philology, Phenomenology, and World Literature in the Poetry of Li Shangyin.”
Dr Qian Suoqiao, City University of Hong Kong
“English, Chinese, Chinese American and the Cosmopolitan World”

Day Three (Wednesday 1.12.2010)
General Discussion: Literature: A World History
(for invited speakers only)